A Part Time Cleaner Has Been a Blessing to Me

Posted By on Apr 12, 2018 | 0 comments

I can walk, but it is hard on some days. I usually use a wheelchair to get around most places, and I will practice walking at home when I have one of my kids visiting me. I stay in my wheelchair when they are not there though because I don’t want to risk falling. I even decided to get a part time cleaner in Singapore because I felt it would be better to have someone come in and help me keep my condo clean instead of doing it myself and potentially getting hurt if I would fall.

I had my son look at the different cleaning companies in the area because I had no idea which one to use. There are quite a few, but I knew that not all of them were going to be reputable because of the people who work there. When he told me Kleepers has the best reputation of all the ones he looked at, I decided to go with them. My son set everything up for me because he could do it online. I can email and play games, but that is the extent of my online usage.

I have someone come out twice a week to help me. She will change my bed sheets and vacuum the bedroom carpet, clean the windows throughout, mop the living room and kitchen floors, clean the exterior of all the appliances in the kitchen, and so much more. She even helps me with my laundry because there are days where I just do not have the energy or strength to do it on my own. Having her here twice a week has really helped me out so much, and it makes my son feel better knowing that I am not trying to clean things on my own here. She has been such a lifesaver for me.

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