Bathroom Renovations at the Townhouse

Posted By on Sep 28, 2020 | 0 comments

When we bought out townhouse in New Jersey, we knew that we would have the opportunity to do some really neat things with it. With our bathroom, we really let our creativity flow. We were able to tear down a dividing wall to convert the small bathroom into a larger one, but it still felt somewhat small. Reading online about tricks to make a space seem larger, I found that mirrors could really open up a room. Looking for custom mirror services in NJ though, was a must do.

We’re handy with a lot of home repairs, but our project really required a professional’s touch. We wanted to do something with mirrors shaped like hexagons, a kind of geometric design. I’d seen a lot of them on pinterest, but most of them used cheap mirrors and I didn’t really know a lot about how to make sure that our improvements could stand the test of time. This also freed up more time for us to focus on the garden space outside while the bathroom work was getting done.

We worked alongside professionals to install about 45 custom made thick glass mirror pieces throughout the room. I don’t think I could have kept them so level if I’d tried. The results were amazing and gave the room an open feeling and whimsical beehive vibes. We are in love with the way that it looks and I can’t wait for my claw foot tub to arrive so that I can soak in my honeycomb themed bathroom. The best part is that the room already had hexagonal floor tiles, so the custom mirror work really tied the whole room together. Having it installed was definitely a great route to take, and it inspired us to try our own hand at a smaller project in the kitchen.

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