I Am Now the Best Salesperson

Posted By on May 15, 2019 | 0 comments

I have been a sales person for nearly three years, but I would be the first person to admit that my style desperately needed to be improved. If the customer comes in and knows what they want, then I can sell them something pretty easily. However, if a customer comes in with no expectations on what they will walk out with, then I struggle to turn that into a sale. My father owns the company, which is probably the only reason I lasted this long! Things changed last year though when he told me I needed sales training.

He got no argument from me because he was absolutely right. He had faith in me though, and he signed me up to take a sales training program. It lasted three days, and it was filled with all kinds of information that has made my job so much nicer. I learned new techniques on how to sell, but I also learned more than that. I learned about the different types of customers. I knew that there were several, but I did not know how to deal with each kind. This class taught me all I needed to know with that.

I learned especially how to build relationships with customers, and not just the ones who were buying something from me. Since learning this, I have watched customers walk out the door with nothing, only to return soon because of how I interacted with them. I do not pressure people at all, but I do show them why they need what I want to sell to them. I can even handle difficult customers now, which is something i never would have imagined I would master. My father was right to take a chance on me, because I am now his best salesperson in all of the company!

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