Looking for a House I Can Afford

Posted By on Mar 12, 2016 | 0 comments

I have just started looking at houses that are in my price range. So far it is not looking very good. There was one house I found which was pretty nice on first look. I suspected that there was something they were not telling me and so I hired a house inspector to take a look at the place. He came back and gave me the business card of a guy who did termite removal in New York City. When I asked him how bad it was, he told me that when he crawled under the place he started to worry that parts of the place might fall down on top of him. He said that some of it had been done by water damage, but that the termites had been working down there for a good long time. He suspected that someone had tried to get rid of them without calling a professional. Of course I went back to the home owner and told them what I had found out. He tried to act as though he was surprised, but that did not convince me in the slightest. It was pretty clear that he knew all about this and was trying to pass the problem on to someone else. In fact I liked the location of the house a lot. It was in a nice neighborhood and I could just about walk to work from it’s location. The bus stopped a few houses down and it would take less than five minutes to get to my office if all of the lights cooperated. That is something I would really like, since I do not enjoy getting out of the bed early in the morning. Of course it has to make sense to buy a house and then fix all of this damage.

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