My Boss Was Extra Crazy Today

Posted By on Jul 4, 2021 | 0 comments

Of course I am just trying to make some money so I can get through college without starving to death and now I am sort of the sous chef at an Italian restaurant, a really nice one in fact. I got to work a good deal in spite of the pandemic, although we were not serve people in the dining room. Now we are packed again, every night. In fact my boss might be psychotic, not even a joke and it would not be funny if it were. He had to get some grease trap cleaning in NJ done yesterday, it was essential and we really could not do anything until it was done. I suspect that he had not called anyone until it became an emergency, but this guy expects that every other person in the world exists to do his bidding. In fact they are alive only to do exactly what he wants, when he wants. I have personally threatened to kick his butt, which is probably stupid since the guy carries a pistol and would probably pull it out without thinking.

At any rate this guy shows up to clean out the grease trap, it is about a quarter to one o’clock and he could have finished the job a little after 1PM, but instead he spent the next forty minutes or so in this enormous shouting match. For about ten minutes he took it, the guy just wanted to do his job and people get fired for raising their voices against the paying customers. Then the two of them began cursing at one another in three or four languages. You learn how to curse in many languages in a kitchen, but both of them wasted a load of time calling each other all sorts of nasty things.

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