So we kind of gave a pheromone guide

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For men, pheromone attraction is different, For men, we see the physical ness… we like the physical – ness we have sex with her . So that’s basically what we’re talking about is stripping it down to bare essentials . what you need ? You need a agreement . That’s why the game dynamics…very simple… Right so you’re playing the game. No more spectators for true pheromone production . Spectators are not in the game. They’re not in any game. 25:00 mins. Their game is don’t get hurt, pretend I could do it if I wanted to and then possibly look back on my life and wonder what the hell happened . I don’t I don’t know what their game is actually . It’s something probably along those lines…. something to do with don’t get hurt or don’t embarrass myself because then I would die. Learn more at and

So we kind of gave a pheromone guide. The main point the time sticking point analysis is you can use a greedy approach to get from where you are to where you are going. But there’s something that I want to take you through, because I wanna make a point here. And actually you guys can unmute yourself. Because I’m going to need somebody at least one or two of you yanks to chime in here on how they use their pheromones. So, let’s get down to the very very basics.

They’re all cheaters and liars an d so forth in this guy’s mind . And I could see how somebody could do that I wasn’t that far, like you know five or six years ago I probably wasn’t that far away from work where he is. But you know there’s a certain selection process going on . If you’re only going out to bars and you see married women out t here and those married women end up doing things with people who a re not their husband. You know then it’s a very skewed thing because it has the appearance of reality as appearance. What’s going on everywhere but the person didn’t realize it was you know there w ere many 99.9% or 95% percent of the women were not out at the bar that night and I would even say if a woman is out at a bar or a club and she’s married on Friday night and things are not right to begin with. So you’re not getting a proper temperature , but the main point that I wanted to put across to them was that … that is not how you go about it.

You don’t go about looking at things and saying , “ oh this is the way it is. Oh shit oh man !! I guess I’m just not going to be able to have any kind of pheromone relationship .” you know … that is not… You know , there’s a fixation with being in the now , doing what you want to be in the now , because that gets you out of the past . T hat it ! That’s the whole purpose of being in the now is that it gets you out of the past. T he reason is because you start supplying energy to the future. Learn more at

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